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Business Process 


Business Process 



Staying competitive in the global market is the key to business growth, let alone business survival in these past years. Facing burning issues like how do you increase the top line sales and revenue, how to optimize the idling inventory or how to execute those two items consistently across the year are questions that executives face every day.
Business Process Excellence (BPEx) is a Strategic Business Course designed to assist decision makers with strategy, tools and techniques to achieve positive and sustainable growth of their business.

BPEx Course Deliverables:

  1. LSS Awareness

  2. Executive Awareness to BPEx

  3. Identify and quantify business constraints

  4. Risk management

  5. Categorize, Prioritize, and Strategize

  6. Changes in your BPEx Strategy?

  7. BPEx 8 Rs of People Sustenance

  8. Maintaining Success and Exceeding Expectations

Course Sneak Peak

BPEx is extremely effective for Executives to achieve a high level of successful People and Corporate Culture Excellence – “The 8 Rs of Your People Sustenance”

  1. Recruiting the right people

  2. Reorienting them toward the right goals and objectives

  3. Rewarding them appropriately for going beyond the mile

  4. Recognizing them for their self respect

  5. Retraining them for enhanced skills

  6. Redeploying them in areas of business constraints

  7. Retaining them by understanding what their needs are

  8. Avoiding Releasing such candidates from the organization

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