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Consultancy Services

Business Process Excellence (BPEx)


Staying competitive in the global market is the key to business growth, let alone business survival in these past years. Facing burning issues like how do you increase the top line sales and revenue, how to optimize the idling inventory or how to execute those two items consistently across the year are questions that executives face every day. 



Career Excellence


MGBS Career Excellence courses are designed to equip professionals with an ad hoc mindset, determination and valuable skills set to succeed in their careers regardless the state of the economy across the globe.
Our courses are not about counseling professionals on how to get a job or retain they current position, but how to look at their career and treat it like a problem to be solved or an opportunity to seek at work or business to come up with a sustainable solution. 


Introduction to Applied Business Statistics


When the consulting solution is aided by a learning tool, we need a powerful vehicle to analyze and derive mathematical models for predictable outcomes in our business processes.

Traditional software solutions available in the market are provided for the customer while the value add that MGBS offers is long term mentoring and support for such software use. MGBS also has its in-house tools and templates that can be downloaded from the net with minor support and mentoring for the same. 


Applied Statistical Software


In academic area, business forms are driven from its contextual orientation and some time the techniques are not applicable to every field. That’s why in MGBS we developed a course that enhances analytical capabilities and teaches fundamental concepts of statistical thinking. The aim is improved decision making and actions through thought that is informed by statistical analysis.




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