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Full Time


Full Time Associate (FTA) is a professional who is working with MGBS as an expert, devoting 100 % of their work time towards providing direct value and benefits for the clients of MGBS on a global basis. They follow the MGBS Conflict of Interest (CoI) guidelines and stay in total compliance with the same.

FTAs are based in specific strategic regions to increase MGBS’ customer loyalty, credibility and rapport in short and a long term.

FTAs have the responsibility, authority, as well as accountability with flexibility of managing their work on a virtual basis. Regardless of their educational background they must hold a college degree from an accredited institution is a qualification for education.

While being on-board it is also critical that MGBS ensures FTAs are involved in projects based on their career plan, interests and passion for what they do.

MGBS is currently pre-screening and evaluating Full Time Associates for the following open opportunities:

  • Regional Director Associate – Singapore

  • Regional Director Associate – Europe

  • MSME Leader Associate – India

  • APEx Instructor-Coach-Mentors – Global

Send us a Cover Letter and your Resume at:

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