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Internship Associates (ITAs) engage MGBS by devoting a significant portion of their effort and non-employee related time toward providing value for MGBS on a global basis. During the cooperation process, ITAs benefits from the ease of access to MGBS Mentor program and the value of the knowledge gained, used towards their future career security.

ITAs also follow the MGBS Conflict of Interest (CoI) guidelines and stay in total compliance with the same.

ITAs can be located anywhere in the world and they have the accountability with flexibility of managing their work on a virtual basis. They support and assist PTAs and FTAs towards providing direct value and benefits for the clients of MGBS on a global basis.

MGBS is currently pre-screening and evaluating Internship Associates for the following open opportunities:

  • Information Technology Solutions – India, USA

  • Web Animation Solutions – India, USA

  • Applied Statistical Solutions – India, USA

  • Wind Energy Solutions – Global

  • Polymer Compounding Solutions – Global

  • Hardware Reliability Solutions – Global

  • High School Solutions – India, USA

  • Undergraduate Solutions – India, USA

  • Graduate Solutions – USA, India

Send us a Cover Letter and your Resume at:

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