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Mentoring & Coaching

The MGBS Mentoring & Coaching Program is an option that supplements the self-directed training program and consists of professional guidance and support via Email, Instant Chat and Phone.
We believe that mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing needed help, it is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.
The focus of our mentoring program is to develop the whole person, find their potential and motivation as well, as to guide and prepare them for the obstacles that lie ahead on their road to success.

Every CEO started once as an ordinary employee who had to learn the secrets of the trade by experience or during training and seminars. What we are providing is a guided navigation for achieving your goals, because there is no better way to learn it from the best in the business.
MGBS President and Senior Master Black Belt, Dr. Shree Nanguneri and Staff will personally answer your questions and help you understand the complex topics presented in the training sessions or other aspects of your projects as you apply the skills in solving a real problem.

 What is “Mentoring?”

Mentoring in the world of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a process, where a belt (at any level, YB, GB, or BB) having signed up for such services is assigned to a subject matter expert in this field via the registration process. The belt candidate will gain a direct link, virtual connectivity and access for different kinds of counseling toward their success. Such services may include fields of LSS project application, training content, and in short the process of how a professional makes a decision based on information that can be sought and applied. The different needs of mentoring include students pursuing academic, professional, business or entrepreneurial efforts to become successful in their career. The mentoring process can vary in time and efforts based on what the candidate seeks to accomplish. The elite team formed at MGBS, headed by Dr. Shree Nanguneri, has mentored candidates in different fields and areas of expertise including Higher Education, Business Ownership, Entrepreneurship, College Level Internship, Job Interviews, Resume Design, LinkedIn Profile Design and Optimization.

What can candidates expect to benefit from mentoring?

The mentoring process is vital for today’s leaders, professionals, students and business owners. The benefits usually include early recognition and rewards in their careers, breakthrough in their profession that would have otherwise taken years if they choose the traditional paths available to them. While seeking a certificate of training in LSS may be an ongoing effort for a given candidate, whereas, the application of the project is entirely different and seeking the right mentor could itself be a built-in process. Mentors can be global in location and if needed can also be selected based on a region and on some occasions also be available to meet with face-to-face.

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